I want you to inherit my wealth

I want you to inherit my wealth

Family Business Succession

Many family businesses encounter challenges when it comes to business succession. Family in-fighting and loss of control are some of the issues faced, leading to the loss of family wealth within a generation or two.

Common Business Succession Issues

of Business
of Assets
Loss of Control
Discover our solutions designed to safeguard and ensure that
the success you built over many years continues to be your legacy for many generations to come.

Solution 1:
Family Business Trust

A Family Business Trust protects your business while keeping shareholdings within the family. This trust can last for a period of 80 years.

Solution 2:
Family Foundation

A Family Foundation is a separate legal entity, established to hold and manage assets for the benefit of your family. It offers the benefits of a Trust and the structure of an independent company with protection of assets not available in others. This is set up in Labuan and is governed under the Labuan Foundation Act 2010.