I want someone experienced to be my Executor

I want someone experienced to be my Executor

Estate Administration Services

We can act as your Executor to carry out your Will instructions and ultimately to distribute the assets to your beneficiaries after settling your debts and liabilities, efficiently and without bias. This will free your loved ones from the tedious and time consuming legal, taxation, accounting and administrative matters involved, such as application for probate and attending court hearings, at a time when they are grieving and in need of finances.

We have the experience and expertise to handle estates, including those left without a Will, to ensure that your estate distribution is carried out for your loved ones smoothly, efficiently and without bias.

Advantages of appointing
Rockwills Trustee as Executor and Trustee

Legal knowledge
We have more than 30 in-house legal experts and professionals to assist and advise in the event of any issues that arise in the administration of your Will and Trust.
You are assured that the company will exist in perpetuity, unlike a named individual Executor who may pass away before or in the midst of carrying out his/her duties.
Adequate resources
Unlike an individual Executor, we have experienced and skilled staff with the time and resources on hand to administer to your estate and Trust.
Impartiality & Security
You are secure in the knowledge that we are completely impartial when executing our duties and our only aim is to carry out your written wishes while adhering to structured processes and procedures.
Professional indemnity
An individual Executor and Trustee who has not carried out his/her duties properly may not be able to pay for any losses created, whereas we have substantial amount of professional indemnity insurance in the unlikely event that it is needed.
Vast experience as Executor
More than 65% of Testators who appointed us as their Executor did so because of our in-depth knowledge and vast experience.