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什么是信托?信托是一个用于资产规划的法律安排。通过设立信托,您可以将一部分的财产委托给受托人,由受托人来管理您的信托资金并分配于您的受益人。然而,为什么需要一份信托呢? 即日起浏览我们的网站或者联络我们的资产规划专员以了解更多如何通过一个完善的资产规划来保护您的挚爱。 SHOW LESS

Estate planning sounds like something remote that only wealthy people do. We often think ‘I don’t have much that is worth the trouble of going through estate planning.’ Well, it is not true. Here are 2 stories that might make you think twice about not having a proper estate plan.

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Writing your Will is important in protecting your assets for your loved ones. Without your Will, your executor may not be able to carry out your wishes. Check out why the safest place to keep your Will is no other than in Rockwills Will Custody Centre


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