Writing your Will is important in protecting your assets for your loved ones. Without your Will, your executor may not be able to carry out your wishes. Check out why the safest place to keep your Will is no other than in Rockwills Will Custody Centre


We understand your needs and guide you in planning for your loved ones.

It is your responsibility to have a complete estate plan at all times to protect your loved ones. Always remember, don’t go for CHEAP but go for QUALITY! And here’s why.

In the Will, we usually include all our important assets, such as our house, cars, or even personal collection and jewellery. However, what about our assets that are embedded in the digital world, the Digital assets? #Rockwills #PlanWellLiveWellEndWell


趁早规划我们的身后事是一件好事。但是,在没有专业的帮助下,规划遗产是相当棘手的,错误的遗产规划可能为我们带来一些问题。 #乐委 #Rockwills

What is an Executor? What does an Executor do? Why is it important to appoint the right Executor? We have answers and information in helping you to decide who you should appoint to be your Executor.

Remember, a Will that cannot be found, is as good as not having a Will, therefore it is very important to keep your Will safely

Do you know how a Will should be signed? What are the requirements for a Will to be valid? Understand and follow these steps to ensure your Will is valid