Due to lack of planning on business succession, more than 90% of businesses cannot continue for more than 3 generations due to fragmentation of shares and disputes within family members. Rockwills has helped countless business owners to overcome succession issues by setting up a Family Business Succession Trust.

A trust is a flexible and powerful tool to protect and preserve your assets for your loved ones.

在缺乏良好的生意传承规划下,超过 90% 的生意就因为股权的分化导致家人之间的纠纷和争斗而无法继续经营超过三代。 通过设立家族生意信托,乐委信托公司已协助了无数的企业家解决传承的难题。

UDeclare is a Declaration of Trust that is simple, flexible and powerful providing for your loved ones, and securing their financial well-being even when there is no death certificate