In this new, year may Good Health, Good Luck & Good Fortune be with you and your family always.

When you have a Will, your executor is the most important person. He is the one that you put in charge to carry out your will instructions. Without a knowledgeable and capable Executor, your instructions may not be carried out, and your Beneficiaries may not receive their inheritance.

当您立下遗嘱时,您的执行人将扮演非常重要的角色。他将被您委以重任,以便执行您遗嘱内的所有意愿。 一个缺乏知识渊博的执行人将导致您的意愿无法被转诉,甚至于您的受益人无法获取您所遗留下来的遗产。

Writing your Will is important in protecting your assets for your loved ones. Without your Will, your executor may not be able to carry out your wishes. Check out why the safest place to keep your Will is no other than in Rockwills Will Custody Centre


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Do you know that more than 90% of adult population in Malaysia have not written their Wills? Writing your Will is the first step in estate planning to help your loved ones.

Rockwills Estate Planners will be able to help you to personalise your Estate Planning objectives by visiting you at your home or wherever you choose at your convenience.


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