I get solutions for whatever I need

I get solutions for whatever I need

Other Professional Services

Our doors are always open and we welcome you to speak to us about your concerns. We have in-house legal specialists, accountants, trust advisors, financial planners and other professionals ready to help. There is no obligation attached to a consultation with us. Our goal is to highlight the potential areas of concern and solutions open to you.

Islamic Estate Planning

Muslims can make a declaration through Wasiat to identify their properties and the intended beneficiaries of these assets. The intricacies of Syariah law pertaining to the distribution of assets involve many other estate planning methods such as hibah, wakaf and so on. Speak to our Islamic Estate Planning experts to learn more about the options available to you.

Bereavement Care

Making decisions about bereavement care like pre-paying funeral costs and choosing a resting ground such as burial plots or niches, is another way of caring for your loved ones. In their moment of grief, they are spared from having to make these difficult decisions and are also relieved of added financial burden. Speak to us about the range of bereavement care options available.

Offshore Estate Planning

You may own properties and other investments abroad. If so, you need to be aware of the inheritance laws in the different countries where your assets reside. In some countries, your offshore assets may be subject to inheritance or capital gains tax which can be as high as 50%. Keep up to date with the different jurisdictions by speaking to our experts, who can advise you on offshore estate planning.

Offshore Corporate Services

Rockwills Business Solutions can offer you the service of setting up offshore companies at various jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Labuan and many more. Speak to our specialists who can advise you on the investment structures and plans that will best work for you.

Other Financial Services

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