A man’s best friend commonly refers to the dog that you love. You may spend hours playing with your dog, going for walks and your dog may even sleep in the house. You may buy life insurance for your dog to make sure that it gets the best medical care possible. If not a dog, perhaps a cat that you love.

The thing is, if you pass away or become disabled, how and who will take care of your pet just like how you would?

We have the solution! Our Pet Trust is the first in Malaysia and it is to benefit your pet with such important features as:

  • Appointing a pet guardian to look after your pet when you no longer can do so;
  • Appointing a protector to make decisions for the care of your pet;
  • You may allocate funds to pay regular allowance to the pet guardian and protector;
  • You may choose the variety of instructions that are available for the Pet Guardian to carry out;
  • Rockwills Trustee Berhad as the trustee will ensure that the funds in the Pet Trust are used as you have instructed;
  • You may amend and review the Pet Trust whenever you want to;
  • Part of your life insurance, unit trust investments and monies in your bank accounts could be covered in the Pet Trust to be used for your pet.

Contact our Rockwills Estate Planner to explain this unique Pet Trust to you.