I am worried that costs will go up and burden my family.


What Is Prepaid Gold & Prepaid Silver?

Prepaid Gold & Prepaid Silver is an Estate Administration Services Package offered by Rockwills Trustee Berhad to reduce the costs of estate administration in the future.

There are many matters to be settled by an executor before distribution is made to the beneficiaries. These include collecting all immovable and movable assets [including bank accounts, vehicles, shares in companies, unit trusts, house etc]; settling the debts of the deceased [including income tax and debts]; and applying for the grant of probate and submission of the relevant documents to the High Court; dealing with various government agencies and financial institutions.

By appointing us as your executor and buy our Prepaid Gold or Prepaid Silver packages, your family members are relieved from all the above inconveniences!

Unique Features of Prepaid Gold & Prepaid Silver:
> Enjoy the lower estate administration rates to hedge against inflation and annual discounts on estate administration rates when we act as your executor.
> Enjoy annual discounts on trust administration rates when you have a trust with us.
> Prepaid Gold & Prepaid Silver benefits are transferable to any person during your lifetime for a transfer fee of RM100 only;
> Prevent unnecessary delays to distribute the estate to your loved ones as Rockwills Trustee Berhad is appointed as the executor;
> Professional support from experienced and practical professionals within Rockwills Trustee.

Prepaid Gold & Prepaid Silver Benefits

Prepaid Gold Prepaid Silver
Executor Appointment Fee
Fee waiver Enjoy a fee waiver when we are your sole/first substitute Executor
(within 90 days from the date of the Will)
Annual Estate Administration Fee

Gross Estate Value:

  • 15% discount:
    From RM500,000 up to RM10 million
  • 20% discount:
    Above RM10 million up to RM50 million
  • 30% discount
    Above RM50 million
Additional RM 2,000 discount* Yes N/A
Lock-in rates On sign-up, the Estate Administration Fee is fixed at the lowest current published rates, which will be applied when needed in the future.
Annual Trust Administration Fee
Discounts** 20% 15%
Set-up discount* 10% N/A
Transfer Fee
Transferable* Yes, subject to fee of RM 100.

* Terms & Conditions apply.
** Subject to a minimum fee of RM1,600 (inclusive of testamentary trusts)

Before you set up a trust, you need to be aware of anti-money laundering regulations.
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