I want my will kept in a safe place

I want my will kept in a safe place

Will Custody

As important as writing a Will is, it is just as important that when the time comes, your Will is easily retrieved. A Will that cannot be found is as good as not having written one in the first place.

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Easily Located
When needed, you or the appointed Executor can locate your Will easily.
Kept with Confidentiality
In the event of death, only the appointed Executor is allowed to retrieve your Will.
Safe Storage
Your Will is kept in a humidity controlled vault, ensuring its good condition over the long term and safety from natural disasters such as fire and flood.
To prevent tampering of any kind, security stamp embossing is added to each page of your Will to ensure authenticity.
Secure System
Tight security measures are enforced, including regular audits, to ensure your Will is kept secure at all times.
Accidental Death Benefits
Complimentary Accidental Death coverage of up to RM40,000 provides immediate funds to your loved ones.
Probate Subsidy
With Lifetime Plus, we act as your executor and you enjoy a legal fee subsidy of up to RM6,000 for probate.
Digital Code
A digital code generated is unique for each individual and this ensures the accurate identification of your Will.

Custody Services Facility

Biometric Access
Secure system with controlled access to authorised personnel only.
Optimum Conditions
Humidity control ensures that documents stored will retain their original form.
24-hour Security
CCTV monitoring and fire/flood equipment for protection against disasters.
Good Location
Our facility is located close to a police station (100 m) and fire brigade (under 2 km).